Breaking Frames

Breaking Frames


November 2019, Estação Space for Artistic Interventions, Aveiro, Portugal

Ad Break - Mainostauko


April 2019, Public Space, Vantaa, Finland

Ad Break - Mainostauko is an exhibition and a well deserved break from a constant flow of advertisement. It brings you 28 unique art posters that will be displayed around Vantaa for the first two weeks of April 2019. The outdoor advertisement spaces were donated by the City of Vantaa.


August 2017, Venice Biennale Research Pavilion, Venice, Italy


OUT 2 is a collective film installation and related explorative events, inspired by Jacques Rivette’s enigmatic 13-hour film Out 1: Noli Me Tangere (1971). OUT 2 investigates "accessibility" to contemporaneity via historical moments.

It intertwines documentary and fabricated fragments, also produced in the event, into a sculptural moving image composition. Instead of adapting or reenacting the film, OUT 2 generates a view of possible correspondences surrounding the question “where are we now?”. For OUT 2 this means the unravelling of individual authorship in favour of a collective one. In taking this gamble, the only parameters we have upheld are against creating parameters, including a resistance towards establishing a definitive end. And so OUT 2 unfolds as a self-generating creature, gradually developing into its own master. OUT 2 is presented in Venice as a multi-screen installation and series of related events. Our only rule is that there are no rules, and our only certainty, that this work has no end.

OUT 2 Équipage

Harri Laakso and Maiju Loukola, Henna Herranen, Laura Jarvey, Matti Tanskanen, Outi Yli-Viikari, Jernej Cucek Gerbec,  Niko Nurmi, Ragnar Águstsson, Joel Autio, Eero Tiainen, Valeria Nekhaeva, Niko Skorpio, Ali Mehta, Aneta Atsova, Katja Lautamatti, Saara Tamminen, Katri Miettinen,Tatiana Melnikova, Jakub Bobrowski, Ilona Lehtonen, Riikka Theresa Innanen, Victor Pereira Pardinho, Jelena Rosic, Adriana Delgado



December 2017, Solar Galeria de Arte Cinemática, Vila do conde, Portugal

The Truth About Finland - Totuus Suomesta


July 2017, Public Space, Pori, Finland

Initiated by the Porin kulttuurisäätö (Anna Jensen, Eliisa Suvanto & Anni Venäläinen) The Truth About Finland project consists of two exhibitions and

a catalogue presenting contributions from over 100 artists and researchers. The first part took place in June in Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki in June 2017.

The second part is organized in a temporary exhibition space built specially for the exhibition and placed in the Puuvillanpuisto park milieu between the Kokemäenjoki river and the old Cotton Mill. The exhibition catalogue combining these two events will be available in the exhibition.

Photos: Niilo Rinne

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